The Northern Beaches Council election is Saturday 14 September 2024

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Your Greens Candidates for Northern Beaches Council

Bonnie Harvey for Manly

Hi there! If you live in Manly you may recognise me.

I'm always around: out in the surf, studying in the library or driving around in my beaten-up hippie van. I never miss a Manly Market and I try to get down to pre-sunrise Booty Camp on Manly Beach when I can. My name is Bonnie Harvey. I am a 22-year-old artist and activist in my third year as Political Scholar at USYD. I've lived on the Northern Beaches for most of my life. I am thrilled to be your lead Greens candidate for the Manly Ward of Northern Beaches Council.

I am focused on environmental innovation and revitalising Manly's economy with more live music and events. This is a fantastic time for community action. We can make a big difference by tackling tricky issues (such as climate change) in our backyard first. The Manly Ward could lead sustainability by dropping outdated policies such as shark nets, and investing in our beautiful ecosystems. Let's protect our Fairy Penguins! Cheers to a more social and more green Manly!

A bit more about me: I have run my own local business (Tutoring By Bonnie) since I graduated, I practise mixed martial arts in Brookvale and I’m a lead singer in a radical funk band. But my real passion is creating a culture of positive, forward-thinking and cooperative politics in Australia. I pursue this by creating authentic online content that encourages people to engage with social issues. I am also recording a podcast series where I talk to key voices from across the political spectrum about solving complex problems. I love researching, and in the past I have been commissioned by my Uni to produce work on policy issues - such as the Voice to Parliament Referendum.

Now that you know me, please feel free to approach me and talk about your takes on current affairs, and community matters… or just have a chat. I value conversation and collaboration above all else.

Kristyn Glanville for Curl Curl

I'm Kristyn. I am a planning and environment lawyer and have lived in the Northern Beaches for 24 years, currently living in Freshwater with my husband and toddler. I am seeking to be re-elected to represent the Greens in the Council ward of Curl Curl. Having my first child while on Council has opened my eyes to how young families use public space, and the need for greater accessibility!

Through my career, I have advised on development approvals, waste, biodiversity, heritage, renewable energy, and a range of local government issues. This professional experience is unique amongst the current councillors and has allowed me to quickly excel in the role, build rapport with staff, scrutinise staff decisions, and assist and advice residents on planning related issues.

As your Greens Councillor in Curl Curl, I have been instrumental in a number of motions and reforms to drive greater environmental conservation and sustainability, tackle social issues such as housing affordability and gambling, stopped budget cuts to local DV and homelessness services, and hired more apprentices. I'm really excited to keep working on more sustainable development, building affordable housing, rolling out FOGO and more opportunities to reuse, repair and recycle, and keep working with the community on issues we care about.

I also currently chair the Council’s Environment Strategic Reference Group and the Manly Dam Advisory Committee, and through these committees work collaboratively with staff and community leaders on getting great environmental outcomes.

I aim to have a well-considered, collaborative, and professional approach to being a Councillor and would love to keep serving the people of Curl Curl. 

Miranda Korzy for Pittwater

I’m a long term resident of Pittwater and since my election to represent the ward in 2021, have worked tirelessly to protect our precious environment as well as to support our community and culture. With residents, I successfully organised opposition to a council proposal to cut more than 3,600 properties from Pittwater’s Conservation Zones. Most recently, on behalf of all councillors I revised and strengthened our submission to the NSW government opposing its take over of council planning powers and arbitrary density increases.

One of my main goals as a councillor has been to secure a Tree Canopy Plan for the Northern Beaches. I achieved this last September, with inclusions to protect mature trees as well as to plant them in areas without canopy. Recently I initiated a community blockade to prevent the removal of mature canopy trees in Avalon, that multiple expert arborists had identified as low risk.

In previous years I’ve identified extra funding for bushcare, and worked to improve council-promoted awareness of local priority weed species. I’ve also successfully fought to preserve public land in Avalon, supported continuation of funding for domestic violence refuges and other social services on the Northern Beaches.

During my term, I’ve also initiated a Coastal Management Working Group to address the issue of climate change and coastal erosion and I’m the NBC councillor representative on the Sydney Coastal Councils Group. As part of that group, I’ve supported the campaign against the NSW Government’s attempts to shift costs for Beachwatch to local government. I’m also the councillor rep on the Currawong State Park Advisory Committee and have been an active member of the council’s Communications, Arts and World Pride Working Groups.

I’ve also previously carried out research in the Demography Department at the Australian National University. I hold an undergraduate degree from the ANU in Modern History and Aboriginal Studies, as well as a Masters in Journalism from City, London University.

Ethan Hrnjak for Frenchs Forest

Hi, I’m Ethan Hrnjak, your lead Greens candidate for the Frenchs Forest Ward of Northern Beaches Council. Our bushland reserves are the envy of Sydney and must be protected. I’ve lived on the Northern Beaches all my life and believe our beautiful area deserves the strongest protections available. As we move deeper into the climate crisis, the importance of our natural environment cannot be understated.

I’m currently undertaking my third year of Environment and Planning law at Macquarie University and serve as the Co-Secretary of The Greens NSW. Like many young people, I also work part-time to support myself through university.

I’m running because I know that young people deserve a seat at the council table. Whether it be climate change, high rates of anxiety and depression, a critical lack of affordable housing, or the degradation of our local environment, our council plays a pivotal role in addressing these issues. A lack of input from young people on critical decisions about our future is contributing to our climate anxiety, political apathy, and increasing desire to disconnect. We must be able to give our young people hope for the future, because at this point it is little more than despair for many.

If just a handful of people change their vote, change is within reach! All it takes is a 6.3% swing towards us to win in Frenchs Forest and drive the real change our community needs and deserves.

This September, Vote 1 Greens and let’s create this change together.

Can you help us double the number of Greens on Council?

A vote for The Greens is a vote for...

Environmental Protection

We want to protect and preserve nature for wildlife and future generations. We will put the interests of the environment and community ahead of developers and other vested interests.

Grassroots Democracy

We want people to have genuine input into Council decisions. We will  support democratic engagement and transparency.

Social Justice

We will stand up for everyone in our community, not just the powerful. We will always vote to support a fair and just Northern Beaches.