Her recent successful motions include:

  • 🏳️‍🌈Motion to recognise SLSC Rainbow Beaches events (April 2022); motion to hold Pride themed events during Sydney WorldPride 2023 (August 2022)
  • 👷‍♂️ Motion establishing Council trade apprenticeships (July 2022)
  • 🌲Amending staff motion on Investment Policy to include consideration of climate change and proposing community consultation on environmentally harmful investments, leading to a strengthened policy away from fossil fuels (April 2022; July 2022)
  • 🦅 Motion to phase out SGARs to protect birdlife and review use of chemicals (Nov 2022)
  • 🏠Motion to improve compliance and enforcement of local building and development rules (Mar 2023)
  • 💓Amended motion to successfully roll back proposed budget cuts to social welfare services including homelessness and domestic violence, and instead secured three years of full ongoing funding.
  • 🏠Motion to investigate further actions to address local housing affordability (June 2023)
  • 🏩 Phase out gambling advertising on Council land (March 2024)
  • 🐶Motion to investigate further measures about responsible dog ownership (April 2024)


We will adhere to Greens Principles

The Greens have the four pillars and policies that we adhere to and will stand up for. The four pillars are ecological sustainability, peace and disarmament, economic justice and grassroots democracy. A Greens Councillor will always act within this framework.

We are accountable to our local community

Other Councillors may change their position half-way through a term on local council. Greens Councillors determine their position in consultation with their local group before acting, and act from a collective position, not an individual one.

The Greens commitment to participatory democracy means Greens Councillors view our role as enabling the community to participate in decision making, rather than paternalistically making decisions for the community.

We're part of a broader network of Councillors

All Greens Councillors are offered training by the Greens NSW from experienced Councillors and other professionals. Our training teaches councillors how to obtain independent advice, how to maintain high standards of decision making, avoid conflicts of interest, and how to seek further information. We have shared resources on complex issues of planning and local government meeting procedure.


Natalie Warren (2017 - 2021)

Retired Councillor Warren is a nature loving actuary with a passion for our ocean, our beaches and our bushland. Her term on Council included successful motions on the following:

  • Bio banking / biodiversity offsets (Dec 2020)
  • Rural boundary clearing codes (Dec 2020)
  • Remote attendance at council meetings (Oct 2020)
  • Cooler Roads Initiative (plastic roads) (Oct 2019)
  • Formal Opposition to Seismic Oil and Gas Testing and Exploration offshore of the Northern Beaches (2 occasions) (Oct 2020)
  • Declaration of Climate Emergency (August 2019)
  • Feasibility study into establishing a Network of Recycling Centres (Feb 2020)
  • Measures to reduce use of Plastic Straws (March 2018)
  • NSW Marine Estate Reforms (September 2018)
  • Formal Opposition to the Adani Carmichael Coal Mine (Dec 2018)
  • Call for State Government to cap number of Poker Machine Licences on the Northern Beaches, and investigate strategies to minimise harm to the community from gambling addiction (Nov 2017)
  • Return and Earn Container Deposit Scheme (Dec 2017)
  • Campaign for baby change tables in Council public restrooms

The details of these motions can be accessed on Council's website:


Former Manly Council

Brad Gillieatt (1995-1999)

Judy Lambert (1999-2008)

Cathy Griffin (2008-2016)

Former Warringah Council

Christina Kirsch (2008-2012)

Conny Harris (2008-2012; Deputy Mayor 2008-2009)